2015: Part Twelve (The End of the Year)

The end of 2015 finally came.  It's fitting to have these cute pictures of my kids after I just wrote about motherhood.  They are seriously my true little loves.  So cute and fun.  I truly lucked out getting these children.  

So let's see....highlights of 2015
1. We bought our first house.  We have had SO much fun living here.  The house is set in a forest of aspens and spruce trees.  It's so serene and pretty here.  I feel like I'm secluded but yet I'm only 10 minutes from home.  The kids have had a blast playing the woods, the dirt, the long driveway sledding, four wheeling around, snow machining.  It's been a little piece of serenity and peace away from all the craziness.  I really do believe the home should be a sanctuary and not that we haven't felt safe, and peaceful where ever we have lived the place that is now OURS is just the sweet spot.  So blessed to live in such a great place.  (now about the actual house, well,  I'll have to give an update on how funny Alaska houses are).

2.  Sorensen Family Reunion in California.  We had such a grand time at Disneyland...not just disneyland but to be with the WHOLE Sorensen family.  Living so far away from everyone these little moments make the world go round.  The kids have so much fun bonding with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grammie.  It was the happiest place for sure.

3. Roman excelled in 1st grade.  Is the top reader for the whole grade (sorry I have to brag), he is such a great kid.  He lost 4 or maybe 5 teeth this year.  He did x-country skiing club this year and had a blast.  He is adventurous and willing to try anything...and he does! Eeekkk!!!

4. Sicily is one sweet child.  She is so helpful at preschool and continues to reach each milestone with ease.  She is one tough cookie....took 5 shots at one time when getting her vaccines, she falls and gets right back up, nothing brings her down.  She wants to learn, learn, learn.  She is reading now, and again is super smart!!  I feel like she could skip kindergarten and move straight to 1st grade.

5.  Last but certainly not least is our Rocco...big year for this guy.  Potty trained, talking like a champ, keeping up with the big kids.  He is the best last child anyone could ask.  Still gives the best hugs in the world. Goofy little boy and can be quite mischievous which is totally different from his sister and brother.

Ernie's working hard, I'm working hard...we PLAY EVEN HARDER!!  2015 was such a fabulous year!!!  It just gets better and better!!