Rocco's Blessing

There was a lot that happened the weekend before we left DC. A big day for Ernie graduating and a big day for my tiniest guy being blessed by his amazing daddy.
For those of you that aren't Mormon, we bless our babies after they are born (similar to a christening).  The blessing is usually given by their father, if they are a member of our church.  It usually happens at our church meeting but you can have it done other places as well. We've blessed all three of our kids just within the privacy of our own family and close friends.  Rocco's blessing was in our sparse little condo in Alexandria.  We didn't even have enough chairs for our friends to sit on.  In such a humble setting it was the most beautiful blessing.  I don't want to share too much of the experience because it is so special but I will say that watching your husband and close family and friends hold your little child in their arms and present them with a tender blessing from our Heavenly Father is one of the most amazing and special experiences.  I am truly blessed to have Ernie as the father of my children and for Rocco who I know will grow up to be a man like his father described him being.  An optimist, a helper and generous person who gives of his talents and abilities.  A man who chooses to live a life of kindness and love.  I can't wait to see my little peanut head grow and watch him change the world.  Lots of love Rocco! Mama is already proud that you have made it this far in life with a crazy family :)  Good luck son!
I don't even have great pictures of this day so these cheesy, awkward pics will have to do.  Thanks to my dad for being a picture Nazi...and forcing us to take them.


  1. You are the most perfect family ever! Look at you all. You are all beautiful, much loved, and very much missed.


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