I should have posted this a while ago, but of course I'm slow on most things right now.  This has been the biggest news in our house for the last month.  Our little Sicily is POTTY TRAINED!!!  Despite the few accidents she's made it into Big Girl Panties!!!! 
It only took, LOTS OF JUICE!!!


and LOTS AND LOTS of trips up to the potty.  I think the first day we took at least 35 trips up to the potty.  Whew was I tired...carrying 25 lbs of little girl and 25 lbs of baby boy in my belly, my knees hurt, back ached and hands were dry from washing them so much.

But she did it, dora and princess panties and all!!!  And what a cute little squishy bum and chunky thighs.  So dang cute!!!  Good job Cici!!  You are a big girl now!