2015: Part Eleven

October came and the crazies came out.  Ernie surprised Cici with a daddy daughter trip to Disneyland, while the boys and I had some Halloween fun at Pioneer Park. 
My little Peter Pan and Lost boy....seriously they couldn't be any cuter, and I think this was the last time Roman would let me choose his costume, but he was such a cute peter pan, I'm glad he conceded.

THIS GIRL!!!! What a doll face!  Ernie and I put her in bed one night and then he laid down next to her and told her one of his weird stories as he does with all the kids....this story however came to life and he said that her and him were going on a plane to Disneyland, she was in shock as you can imagine and couldn't believe that I had packed her clothes in a suitcase.  It was the cutest thing.

The other funny thing is that I told Ernie to get lots of pics and she didn't smile in very many of them...this is the best one!!! and of course it's with a GIGANTIC sucker.  They had such a grand time.  I'm so glad that my daughter and her Daddy could bond. I really and truly think it's so important for Dad's and their daughters to have one on one time.  I'm sure there are lots of psychological reasons but for me, I think it's just as good for the Dad as is it for the daughter.

I've seen how Ernie's opinion effects Cici.  She really does care what he thinks of her outfit, what he thinks of her "clean room", how good she did at brushing her teeth...the list goes on.  Anyway, I'm happy to know they have a great relationship.  The beauty of this trip too, was that it was Ernie's idea.   I JUST ABSOLUTELY adore how much he cares about his children.  It makes my insides warm and fuzzy, I feel so lucky...as I'm sure my kids do too.

Once they got back from their trip we went up to the University of Alaska Fairbanks and got to go into the labs in the basement of the science department.  They get it all spooky and halloweenie...it's quite fun.  Lots of spiders, bones, guts and goo...and not to mention a two headed caribou...WHAT?????  Talk about crazy, right???  So weird, and so fun!!!

 These two are quite the pair.... they love each other and I'm so happy they have each other.  They play so cute and good with one another.  I love little Lila and Rocco!!!