2015: Part Ten

 THE DENALI LOTTERY WINNERS...every year Denali National Park has a lottery for Alaska Residents.  It allows you to drive in the whole 90 miles or so of the park, which is only for tour buses during the summer.  So, for those of us that have kids or don't want to be stuck on a bus for 8 hrs with a bunch of random people this is the way to go.  In all reality we or our "other" Rhoton cousins from Wasilla didn't get the lottery.  Shannon gave us her lotto ticket and we rented a van and loaded up the kids and took off for an adventure.  Of course it snowed like 4-6 inches the day before so we only made it to mile 65 because the plows hadn't made it the rest of the way but we saw bears, and some rams right off the road, and I'm talking RIGHT OFF THE ROAD!!!  It was crazy cool.  Such a fun time with the Jill and Jay and their kids.  

 Our September continued with Roman's 7th birthday.  He wanted a gold panning theme so that's what he got.  I got some pay dirt down at the Gold Daughters and we were going to pan for gold but of course it snowed and actually the kids just wanted to play, but we had a treasure hunt with the GPS and the kids thought that was super fun.  We had 4 pots of "gold/prizes" for them to find on our property and then ended back at the house for some dirt cake!  It was such a good time.  Roman is turning into the boy that I knew he would be.  He was always such a kind hearted baby and toddler.  He is still so animated and just a fun person to be around.  He makes everyone smile and laugh wherever he goes and is a genuine soul.  He is so smart and well versed, I feel like I can talk to him like an adult.  He is so special to our family, and if you know him you are a lucky person.

 The view from my dining room window.  It's just so pretty, isn't it?


 The Pay Dirt Cake in all it's glory!