2015: Part Five

This has to be documented because who knows if it will ever happen again.  Jill and I completed our first half marathon.  toe some this maybe seem like an easy feet, but for us, it was quite the challenge.  First, my own experience...let me preface by saying I am NOT a runner.  I never have been.  It's always been Ernie's thing.  I have run here and there but never really consistently and never longer than 5 miles, so to run 13 miles was a huge deal for me.  When I started training I started running in the snow, which if you know me as well, I am NOT an extreme person.  I like everything moderate, so running when it's cold is not something that is fun for me.  It took a lot of will power to get out of bed and run, or take the time after church on sunday or saturday morning and get my long runs in.  

Kudos to my hubs who totally supported me and sacrificed his time so I can accomplish this.  It was a selfish thing to do, but it did feel good.  I have wanted to do another race since then but I'm not sure when that will be.  For now Ernie and I have decided to create our own "races" this summer and go out and exercise together.  Which I'm totally cool with.

Another side note to running...Things that worked for me for beginning runners out there that might need help (not that anyone really reads these haha).

1. A running hat, LOVED running with a hat. Seems like an insignificant thing but actually made it very comfortable.
2. I trained in the shoes I was going to race in.  This race I got the Hoka shoes.  They were SO incredibly comfortable.  
3. I trained with a fanny pack water bottle system.  I didn't wear one during the race but I wish I would have. 
4.  During the race: I got so hungry at about mile 8, I wish I would have had my own snack.  I relied on the race snacks which were pretzels (which was a pain to eat), and a few oranges. 
5. I looked at the scenery while I ran, this helped take my mind off of running, again, sounds simple enough but I really did enjoy the run.

I hope to do this again...maybe...eek!!  It was good for me.  If I can do it, than I say anyone can.  Mind over matter for sure!

The Finish Line.  The guy behind me in the red was my pace setter at the end...he helped me my last mile and a half.  It was good to have a goal, figure, someone or something to watch and keep track of so I could keep going.

The same day of my race, I flew back to Fairbanks, got in the car and drove down to Copper Center to do a little more fishing with the Rhotons.  We had a fabulous time together as always.  It's so nice (and I use the world nice because I can't think of a better word), but so nice to have family close.  Not only family, but family that is willing to go out and have adventures, that have kids our kids age and just fun to be around.  We really do have so much fun together!!! I truly am grateful for them.

Ernie and Shane doing something weird as usual!

The funny thing about this fishing trip is that all the girls caught a fish before any of the boys did....ha ha ha...we showed them!!!  It was a good day!