2015: Part Eight

Blessed be the out of doors...LOVE THEM!!! 

Our Third annual trip to Tangle Lakes.  We love this place.  Last year the berry season was short lived and not very many good blueberries.  This is where we normally go to get our loot but we went on the tail end and there wasn't a good crop.  The colors were so gorgeous and we still had so much fun hiking, kayaking, berry hunting and camping.  

Camping with the kids is so much work but being outside is so good for the soul.  Having the kids experience nature, and adventure are life experiences that I wouldn't trade anything for.  I remember while living in DC how much I over going to the museums, festivals, community activities but when we wanted to get away we couldn't.  There were people EVERYWHERE you went, no matter the day, time or location.  I love that in Alaska (while we may have stayed at a campground), we could still go to the lake, river, or trail and be by ourselves.