New Day, New Year, New Words

I would say that I have failed at this blog.  I did so well for so long at writing and journaling and keeping up with my daily and special events in our family.  Then life happened, or maybe I just got lazy.  I feel a slight twinge of guilt with this and yet I also feel like that is what life is about, hence the title of this blog...IT IS WHAT IT IS.

I have been inspired by my most beautiful friend, Megan Dickson over at Refined & Rugged.  She created a blog last year and has been working on it for a year now.  A shout out to her for making it a year.  I started this blog as a way of journaling, yes, others have blogs of fashion, food, family, travel...etc, this started out as an outward peek into my little life.  It started out as just Ernie and I at, a married couple with no kids.  A simple life of two individuals that shared a common, and now it has transpired and evolved into a life of five.  Three little creatures have come into our home and have given us all sorts of joy, fun, laughter, tears, heartache, chaos and SO SO SO much love in so many different ways.

I was doing so well at capturing our adventures.  Even if they were small adventures (big to us mind you). But like I said, life took over.  I really and truly equate this pause in my blog due to the computer not being in the same room as my common living space.  When we moved to Alaska we had a den, which I was really excited about, but as it turns out I never really went in there.  It was closed off from the rest of my house and my kids so I never got on the computer.  We have since moved again, have lived in our new house for about six months and the computer sits on the side of our living room.  It's a weird little spot, and as I sit here typing I am looking out my octagon window into a forest of birch trees and the sunrise rising over a small blanket of white clouds.  It's quite peaceful and serene...except for my 5 year old daughter dancing to Andy Grammar in the background, but to a song called "Good to be Alive"...perfectly played!

As I almost start to apologize for how long this post is, I delete my words and realize that this is the first time in about a year that I sit down and type so I won't apologize.  Now, to explain this surge of words and storytelling...I woke up this morning and opened up my email. As I swiped through all my junk mail I came across my friend Megan's post, which was a love letter to her husband.  It was so perfectly worded, so in tune and beautifully written, it gave me an understanding into her feelings, her life and her thoughts.  I really do love learning about those that I truly care about.  Reading such insight gave me the idea to start writing again.  So this is the first step.  This is a way to show a little peek, glimpse,an opening into my tiny life with my husband and three kids.  Not that I need to outline the blog, but I am going to try and catch up on my life of where I last left off.  It will be a short  (or relatively short catch up), but I would be amiss if I didn't at least try. And my last caveat, I'm not even sure if anyone reads this anyway, but it's for my own sake, but if you happen to stop by and take a peek I hope you enjoy.

So with that said, in the words of Charles de Lint,

 "Don't forget-no one else sees the world the way you do, 
so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell."

Cheers to stories through other people eyes.