2015: Part One

As an early retirement party for our Grandma Sorensen we all headed to Disneyland.  IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!!  Ernie's whole family met us there...all 37 of us.  It was one of the most fun vacations we have had.  The kids were so great, we wore them out.  It was fun to spend times with cousins, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.  We closed out the park a couple of times, were there opening it.  Walked, ate, played, rode, laughed, cried and just over all had a splendid time.  For someone what doesn't like big crowds, I think Ernie even had a fun time.

We stayed out of the park just down the road so we could walk there.  Our hotel was under construction and actually wasn't as nice as we had hoped, so I wouldn't recommend it.  I think it was the Ramada.  It didn't have a lobby or place where all 37 of us could hang out and chit chat in the evenings, so that was a bummer, and the customer service wasn't great.  

The park itself was great.  We did fast passes like crazy and would send the older nephews to get them for everyone, so it was nice to break up like that.  It was hard seeing everyone and at times I felt like I hadn't seen one family, but in the end with that many people and kids of different ages it was quite perfect.  

We went the end of February so it was a great time to go.  Weather was warm enough to wear shorts a couple of days, but jackets in the evenings so it wasn't sweltering.  I can't imagine going in the summer when it's super hot. We had hoped it was a little warmer so the kids could swim more, but my kids coming from AK didn't mind swimming when it was only 70 degrees!  I would definitely do it again around that time.  

As a side note: Ernie actually went again later in the year with just Cici and stayed at the Marriot and said how great it was.  It had rooms with bunk beds, and enough space for a whole family to stay.  It had a good breakfast, and it had a splash park/water slide area that was ideal for children, and it was about as close as our other hotel so they were able to walk to the park.

YAY FOR GRANDMA!!!  She rode with all her grandkids!  Such a good sport and so fun!

All the girls and Roman got to see Anna and Elsa.  Roman represented the boys!

Rocco and Mickey!  He ran up and gave him a great big hug.  It was so cute!

Rocco and Bertie playing!  Cousin time was so wonderful.

One of my favorite pics of the whole trip...Three grown ups and one little Rocco on the Alison Wonderland ride hahahaha!

Kids be swimming!

The AK crew!

Carousels are good for the soul! Me and my chica

Such a rip off but who can resist those faces

One day we all did matching shirts, at first I wasn't too sure about this, but it turned out to be the best day.  We could spot our family everywhere we went.  If you go in a big group, I highly recommend this.  The kids of course thought it was awesome (the little ones anyway).

Closing out the park until midnight!!

Late nights!!!
Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, only when shared with my happiest person!!!

**The last time we did Disneyland with the Sorensens was with Steve back in 2002 (I think that was the year).  Ernie and I had only been married a little under a year, there were only 3 or 4 grand babies, so this was a huge difference!  sure fun, and wish our Bumpa could have been there to celebrate!