Planting Seeds

Let me first note that I do love gardens, I love eating fresh produce, I grew up picking sweet peas and strawberries from our own garden.  It is one of my favorite things.  Since I've been married I have never had a garden until now.  Also, note that just because (my parents) had a garden while growing up that in no way means that I have a green thumb and know what I am doing. So this was a total trial experience, and as I've come to learn, no matter how many times you do a garden it's always an experiment.

So we're up in Alaska where the snow isn't melted and it's March/April, it's still freezing at nights through April and even a little of May so we decided to start from seeds.  This was the true test with kids.  We were pretty successful with the seeds, it was the kids knocking down the seeds that was the problem haha.

So the experiment, I will say that we did seeds and then planted directly into our planter box and the ones we planted directly were just as successful.  It's amazing what sun ALL day will do to your garden.  It grows crazily and is super awesome!!!

So, the question, would I do seeds again??  Probably for my kids sake.  They loved seeing the seeds and watching them.  It was a fun activity, so yes we will...necessary??? I don't know.

We had some interesting growth, and I think we need to space out our carrots a little bit hahaha!!!  We harvested carrots, zucchini, squash, basil, lettuce, tomatoes, but they didn't ripen.  All in all a good first time garden!!!