Rocco's 1st birthday (from 2014)

 I'm literally a year behind in writing more excuses.  I'm catching up!  This is Rocco's 1st birthday!!!  Hooray for the little dude that had a wild 1st year of life.  Seriously a wild ride.  Moving cross country, surviving Daddy not being around for 6 weeks, breaking his leg and going through an Alaskan winter. He is a trooper and such a sweet baby!  Can I say baby still (well, I'm writing this a year from his actual first birthday so maybe I can't), but here in these pics he is a baby (and I guess he will always and forever be my baby so what the heck....MY BABY!!!  Sweet little Roccoroonie!!!  Love this guy!

It was  great day filled with the Rhotons, who have been a huge blessing in our lives up here in AK, I don't know what I would do without them.  It's instant friendship, love, support and family all rolled into one!  It's also more fun, crazy, chaotic life experiences with cousins around.

He barely had a chance to open up his own presents, being the youngest can be hard sometimes when older siblings and cousins are there to interfere.

At one year old, Rocco could walk (thank the good Lord above)!!  He doesn't talk too much and just babbles, not really interested in talking at all.  Loves anything you take him to do but doesn't love just one thing.  He is easy to take places, loves being outside and FOLLOWS his older siblings around all the time.  Obsessed with Daddy, and is literally THE BEST hugger, and smuggler I have ever known.

Happy 1st birthday buddy!!