Mid Winter Break

Our first winter here in Alaska has been great, but we heard from everyone we'll want a mid-winter vacation so the beginning of February (2014) we decided to head for the beach.  Our uncle Beanie met us there and we had a grand time!

I don't really need to re-cap, but we went to the beach every day, our weather wasn't super great, but it was better than -20 back in Fairbanks so we were loving the warmth and sun!!  The kid loved the beach and we couldn't keep Rocco away for the water.  He would bee line it for the ocean and wouldn't stop unless someone grabbed him.  Cici on the other hand was very hesitant about going in the water and maybe went in all the way a couple of times that week and of course Roman was loving riding the boogie board, body surfing and just playing in the water.  It was so great to have our Beanie there.  To this day Cici is still confused and thinks Beanie lives in Hawaii and asks to go visit him all the time!!