Little boys

One thing I know for sure is that I LOVE MY BOYS!!!! I of course ADORE my little girl but that's for another post.  My boys...oooof I just love them.  Boys have this sense of carefree fun, limited filters and an absolute blast. My little guys are ALWAYS up for adventures and a good time.  I guess they take after their Daddy who (as you can see in the last post) is a ball of fun himself.  I knew when I had Roman first that I would love being a mom to boys.  I was actually surprised when I had Cici because I just envisioned myself having all boys.  I guess maybe because I've always gotten along with boys so naturally and wanted to hang out with boys.  I've never really had close close girlfriends growing up and it hasn't been until my married years that I have had good friendships with other women...but there is just something about little dudes that melts my heart.

I have a friend who is very gender neutral and tries to make sure that everything is equal.  I always appreciate her sentiments and thoughts on those issues but I have come to the conclusion that boys and girls are just different.  I am in no way saying one is better than the other because I of course am a woman and by all means think I am quite cool, but I see how awesome my husband and sons are.  What strong, little angels, who have this wonderful ability to love and be loved without being timid.  I love that they, even at a young age, they are tenacious, incredibly  smart, and have this innate ability to want to help and protect not only me, but their sister.  I see how genuinely kind and considerate they are but how rough and tumble they can be.  I just can't say it enough...I sure do love my boys!!!