My poor baby

trying to make up lost time...just a few months behind (yikes)

November 21st was the saddest day of my life.  I was walking into the gym one icy cold morning carrying Rocco and I slipped and fell with him in my ams and landed on my side with his leg between me and the ground.  His cry was like nothing I've heard before.  It was absolute pain and I couldn't imagine what I did.  We rushed to the hospital and we found he broke his femur.  I have never felt so sorry and sad, heartbroken and guilty in my entire life.  

I remember not too long ago when I accidentally shut my nieces finger in the car window and I thought, how awful it was hurting someone elses child but hurting your own child is the possible worst thing I have ever felt.  I realize it was an accident and I don't feel guilty anymore but seeing your baby hurt and feeling so helpless is the worst feeling in the world.  It's amazing that after 6 weeks with a cast he is 100% better.

This was the only time I have felt bad about having chubby babies because they couldn't find a vein to get an IV in  him for pain meds.  He was in so much pain he couldn't get comfortable.  They tried 11 times and 4 different nurses to get a needle in him and still couldn't.

This was right before surgery.  He was given morphine and was so wasted.  What a little trooper.

After a long night of not sleeping, he was finally able to relax.  A baba was the only thing to calm him.

That was literally the longest night of my life.  He was so tired and kept jerking awake in pain.  The nurses couldn't get any stronger pain meds for him which made me so mad and helpless.  I would literally be holding him, he would fall asleep for 10 minutes then jerk awake screaming, and there was nothing I could do.

He finally got some peace and fell asleep in my arms.  This was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  Melts my heart every time. 

I hope and wish this upon anyone.  I love this little sweet sweet baby!!  I am so happy he is all better!!

Ok, let's talk about changing that diaper for 6 weeks with that cast was the messiest, stinkiest, grossest thing I've done.  Blow out after blow out, it was an absolute mess.  I hope I never have to do that again.

It was amazing to see him get around just after a few days.  he was crawling in the cast and pulling himself up.  It was so incredible to see him and be so resilient.  It was the hardest thing to carry him, and watching him sleep was so sad.  We made a little bed for him in our closet on the floor and he was such a tummy sleeper put him on his back and he couldn't sleep very long and we though he wouldn't be able to roll over but after a couple weeks, I could put him down on his tummy and he could flip himself over and I would even catch him sleeping him on his side with his little leg hanging out in the air.  I don't have a picture of him and I wish I did, because it was the funniest thing.