Christmas Time!

Living up here in the North Pole (North Pole is literally 20 minutes south of us), yes I am more north than that.  I have to say I thought Christmas was going to be so much better....ehhhh Christmas is where your home is, and it was a fabulous time.  The Santa was the most real Santa I've seen, and of course Rocco hated it.  I have a pic of all my kids crying for the first time on Santa.  I secretly love it!!!  This year Roman asked for a bow, Cici a kitchen, and..Rocco...well, he got books!

We were able to have our Grandma Sorensen with us for Christmas which will probably be the last time she will ever come up to Alaska in the winter.  She hated the dark and cold.  I think it was the coldest week and the darkest while she was here so I don't blame her, we still had a great time with her though.

Our uncle Beanie sent this Christmas Story costume for Roman, it was the most hilarious thing I've seen.  He totally looks like Ralphy!

Grammy Sorensen and little Rocco Christmas morning!

This was actually on our 12th Anniversary night.  We got to go to the Chena Hot Springs Resort (resort is a loose term)...they had an ice museum, and the hot springs.  It was great!  Thanks to Grammie for watching the kids!!

Gingerbread houses are now a thing at our house...umm...last year ours burned down when I pre-heated the oven and had forgotten it was in there, so this year, NO STORING IT IN THE OVEN!!

We went up to the North Pole Ice Park with our cousins!!  Love these four goofballs.  It's so nice to have family close, especially for the Holidays!

The BEST Christmas present was our DADDDDDYYYY!!!.  Last year he wasn't with us because he was studying hard for his board exams.  If you scroll back to last year, we have a picture of us on Christmas morning with Ernie on the computer skyping.  It was so nice to actually have him with us.  Holidays are never the same when you're not together and it's the best present I could ever ask for...I simple LOVE my little family and am so blessed!