The third child...last but not least!

I did so good with my other two kids and keeping up to date on them and feel so guilty that I hadn't done anything for my sweet Rocco. He is 1 yr old now and is growing up exponentially. I can't believe a year has gone by, for so many other reasons but the little guy has been through so much his first year of life.

Starting in out in a chaotic life of dental school, board exams and moving across the country. This Roonie has been through a lot this year.  I of course want to share his stats because if I don't I know I'll forget.  He weighs 22lbs and is 28 in long, and his head of course is in the 20%.  Small headed babies is what I produce :)

This little buddy completes our family!  He is full of enthusiasm and attitude and loads of fun!!  I can't imagine my life without him.  I love this guy more than anything.  He follows me around EVERYWHERE and is attached to me.  He LOVES his daddy and freaks out when Ernie walks in the door.  He says dada and mama, he walks like a champ, like you wouldn't even know he broke his leg.  He jibbers and jabbers, loves to wrestle Roman.  He is THE BEST cuddler ever.  He gives the best hugs from any baby I have ever known.  He is one smart little dude and is pretty good at keeping up with Roman and Cici.

I love our Roccoroonie!!  Best 1 year in a while for all of us!