The first ski

This was all the way back in October and I look at it now, there's no snow!!!  Crazy! I got the kids some skis at a garage sale and they both took to it right away.  This was the perfect time to do it, the ground was a little crunchy, yet slick and easy for the kids to get a feel on how to do it.

Since then, the kids had really improved.  Roman goes out and can stay out forever.  He's obviously slower than Ernie and I but when we all go he can keep up and go as long as we go.  It's pretty impressive.  After the Olympics he saw the biathalon where they do the target shooting and x-country ski and wanted to try that.  I can totally see him doing that.

Cici on the other hand is so fickle about her circumstances and if she's not in the right mood or conditions she gives up and says she's done.  Hopefully with time and age, and practice she'll learn to love it...because let's be honest, we are in Alaska and winter is quite long haha.