The beginning of winter...Halloween

It's been a while and, while you might think I'd have time to sit down and write about what we are doing (especially in the winter while it's freezing outside), I have found myself super busy and just keep putting blogging on the back burner.  So much has happened since September and I'm going to do my best to include the highlights.

Let's was an unusually warm first part of winter and it didn't actually snow until the night of Halloween.  I swear 15 minutes before it started snowing I said aloud "we're going to make it through October without snow!!!)...Jinxed it for sure! Holidays are so fun with kids, they seriously make everything more enjoyable.  Roman and Cici had a blast trick or treating and despite cold and dark they pushed through the end and knocked on every house in our neighborhood.  For Alaska we live in a very unique's actually a neighborhood!!!  Most people live off of main roads with single driveways and not a suburban type neighborhood, so we get TONS AND TONS of trick or treaters.  I didn't believe my neighbor when she said she buys enough candy for about 200 kids and still runs out.  We turned off our light by 8pm and were totally out of candy! YIKES!

Roman created his own costume.  Somehow he got really into finding "treasures" aka...trash.  But he found tons of bottle caps, weird wires, string, etc and we glued them to a box and made a Robot costume.  It turned out pretty cool.  Cici was our kitty kat. and Rocco wore his pumpkin costume one time at home...there's always next year.

The kids had fun, we got lots of candy that daddy mostly ate...the perfect halloween! And so winter began!