What you didn't know

It's funny being in Fairbanks.  It's definitely a different culture than DC.  Pretty much everything is the opposite of living back East.  I've seen some funny things in the few short months we've been here. 

We took Roman to glow in the dark putt putt golf for his birthday last month and this was the sign outside the golf place.  Everyone smokes weed out here and it's not uncommon to smell it, see it or watch someone smoke it like it ain't no thing.
This is a common sight as well.  There are a lot of people who live in dry cabins...which means NO running water.  I can't believe that people still live without running water. It's totally crazy and unheard of in the lower 48.

This crazy girl above is what and how the kids dress around here.  The boots I mean.  You will ALWAYS fit in when you wear some sort of rain boot, snow boot, furry boot...etc etc.  

I never belonged to a gym back east but would go with my friends and it was always full of such "pretty" people.  I would always feel so intimidated that my body was rockin!  Here in Fairbanks it's a whole different story.  We go to the Alaksa Club (which is an ABSOLUTE must)...and in my step and core classes it's usually full of over 50 people...I love this guy with the sweat band and tank top.  It's like steppin into the 80's when I go!!  It's totally awesome!

This is the hippie bus by our house!  I feel like I'm back in Washington!  Fairbanks is this weird warped little world full of people living 20 years behind, and it's like they are red neck hippies. It's totally tubular!

Living here we've seen so much wildlife.  This was on one of our bike rides...the busy beaver just crossing the road.  I'm told we'll see moose coming up from the river by our house this winter and SO excited for it!

Fairbanks is a community based town.  There are always fun and interesting things to do and the best part is is that there aren't a lot of people so we don't have to wait for lines.  People are down to earth and rather friendly. 

This is the way we mow the grass.  Babies in backpacks all snuggied up in a bunting suit will be the look this winter.  I think Rocco has more bunting suits than I have shoes (ok...maybe not that many) but it will be his daily wear for the next 8 months!

Cheers to Fairbanks!! We love the people and the culture so far!