My little baby is 6 months...what???  I can't even believe it.  It seems like yesterday I was left alone in DC with a week old baby while Ernie was off in Vegas taking a board exam...oh how time flies!

Now he's 6 months and trying his hardest to sit up and crawl, is a giggly little guy and is the sweetest baby around.   He is so similar to my other babies in so many ways yet he is completely different, he sleeps on his tummy, is happy when he wakes up, likes to be around people.  Isn't so much of a snuggler but likes to be held.  He is definitely a smart little guy and knows what he wants.  He tries so hard to crawl and just can't quite do it yet, but he moves, wiggles, rolls, shimmies until he gets what he wants (which is usually a small toy or something he can't have haha).  He has sitting up by himself pretty much down.

He thinks he needs to be held ALL the time, partly due to the first few months where grandma's and aunts, and friends held him before he even could cry. We've been trying to sleep train him at night but he doesn't like it and he is so intent of crying until he is at a full blown scream and won't let up (unlike my other children).  He is a big guy, weighs 20lbs and is 26 inches long and still has a small head like the others did.

He doesn't look like my other children.  He's more Hayes than Sorensen which is fun for me because he actually looks a little like me.  I love him so much and so do Roman and Cici, they are so good with him, help me with him, take care of him, watch out for him...smother him haha.  It's nice to see them get along and be so concerned with each other.  I hope it continues later in life and they can all be friends as they grow. (Wishful thinking, I know).
He's my toe sucker

Happy Baby

Likes to be around his brother

Can hold his own baba

Is Sitting up

Is sweet as a baby bear cub and likes to be outside
Is the weirdest sleeper, won't let me cuddle him, is a stomach sleeper but thinks he always needs to be held...He's a little spoiled!

LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!!  Our little Roccoroonie!!