Denali you say???

We headed to Denali for the was SPECTACULAR!!!!  Best Fall colors I have ever seen in my life, and I really mean that.  I'm loving our little road trips more and more.  While I do miss the city and all that it has to offer I don't mind going to a place where the views are simply magnificent and so majestic.

Our autumn has come and it probably won't last long so we took advantage of the day and went to see the leaves change.  My kids LOVED every minute of it and I just kept thinking..."I'm having such a great time with my family"  I can't get over what a perfect day it was.

The pics while they speak for themselves, they really don't do the scenes justice...I guess that means you 'll have to come up and visit and see them for yourself...HINT HINT...our house welcomes all!!!!!
 First Stop the Nanana River...I just have to say Ernie convinced me to buy some adventure wear pants.  I usually make fun of people for wearing these pants, especially when they are literally walking (not hiking) but I have to admit...SUPER COMFY!!!
The big bear above and my little bear cub below enjoying his ride!

 Of course Cici found some blueberries and had to stop and pick some.
The gang running down the trying to keep up

Horseshoe Lake...Spectacular view

More views

and views

On our way to see the sled dogs

They have kennels at the park and let people go in and pet the dogs.  The kids thought it was so great.  We just watched a sled dog show this summer so they were really interested in seeing these puppies.  Cici was in heaven (I'm afraid she needs a little puppy)!!!

The PERFECT DAY!!!!  Love my little family