Tangle Lakes

We went on our first over night excursion with all the kids last weekend.  It was AHMAZING!!!  We all had so much fun.  It's too bad it couldn't have lasted longer.  Fairbanks is pretty much in the middle of nowhere (which can be a good thing), we are about 6 hrs from Anchorage which is the next biggest "city" but we are close to lots of little "towns" "inhabitants" "villages" etc.  The drive was so beautiful and breathtaking.  It was like watching a planet earth.

We drove about 3 and a half hours south and ended up at a place called Tangle Lakes.  It's where 21 lakes  are connected by a series of rivers, portages, streams.  We were in a valley and surrounded by beautiful mountains.  Seriously so picturesque.

We took the kids fishing in the morning.  Sadly Roman didn't catch anything.

Cici however caught a 2 1/2 inch greyling...hahahaha.  She literally left her fishing pole in the river and didn't even know she caught it. It was pretty funny.
Rocco in his bear suit. It got down into the 40's that night, luckily he was snuggied up in his warmy suit with mama in a sleeping bag!
Our little outdoor girl!

We went berry picking later that afternoon...yet another fun adventure.  My kids personalities really shined through on this hike.  Roman was vigorously picking blueberries to fill up as much of his bucket as possible.  While Cici ate them all and didn't care how many she got.  She kept walking around saying "I eat them ALLLL" haha

Rocco was a little backpack rockstar!

Above: our campsite in the midst of greatness.
Below: A papa bear chowin down on some blueberries with his little bear cub

Roman and I learning about what berries to pick.  

Of course I helped Roman fill his bucket and Ernie ate berries with Cici...I guess you can tell where they get their personalities.

Can't wait for more fun outdoor adventures!!!


  1. "I eat them ALLLL!" So funny! Your pictures are gorgeous! I love hearing about your adventures


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