June Highlights

JUNE 2013 Ashton Cabin

DIRTY KIDS EVERYDAY!!!  Seriously my kids looked homeless the whole time we were at the cabin.

We had our long loved friends come and visit us.  Fed the fish, swam, played and caught up!  It was a ball!!  LOVE YOU DICKSONS!!

Roccaroon turned 3 months while Daddy was away.  Happy little guy!

One of the many hikes to Mesa Falls! 

Porch sittin, view watchin, drink sippin kind of days!

COUSIN TIME!!  My brother and his 4 kids came up and played.  These two were hilarious together, minus the 4 year age difference they had tons of fun together.

These two little tricksters also had a ball together.  Mischievous little divas!

We found an awesome swimming hole!

Splash park in Rexburg was hit a few times!  One of our favorites!

Of course there were 4-wheeler rides...many, many, many 4-wheeler rides!!

Can't forget daily hikes and walks, looking for scats and tracks!
June was good to us!