July Came and went

July was full of FAMILY!!!!  LOTS OF IT! Which was so great and fun and chaotic!

Of course we visited our Bumpa's grave, we all wouldn't be able to get together without his vision of a beautiful cabin in the most heavenly space...miss you love you!!!

Rocco hit 4 months and a 4th roll around his legs!

Butterfly wings happened for all the kids!!

You think Ashton isn't fun...well guess again, the big blue tent circus came to town!  It was super fun and super entertaining, I loved the small circus feel, and so did the kids!

Cousins being weird...Fisher and Roman decided to make a real live mouse trap (with paper cheese) but who could crush their dreams!

CHUBBY BABIES!!!  Rocco 4mo, Lily 16mo

Such a hard life...TONS of 4 wheeler rides for the little girls!  Thanks uncle Daner

Another trip to Bear World!  Feeding the deer.

We couldn't leave Idaho without going to Driggs Lake!  Cici is a little water baby.

Grandma's treasure hunt lead us all over the property! Such a fun tradition!

Frog catching at Cave Falls...fun aunt Bida took the kids.

After 6 long weeks, we left our Idaho home and headed to Utah to meet our Daddy and head to Alaska!

We got to stop and visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Hawkes.  It was a memorable and wonderful visit, I just never know when the last time I'm going to see them and it was so nice to see them and catch up and let my kids see them.  I love them and who they are and so grateful I am related to such kind and generous people. Love you Gammie!

Love you Grandpa Great!
 And we're off to ALASKA!!! Finally our dreams have come true.

And one looongggg vacation, and traveling equals one tired sweet baby!!! So glad we finally made it home together with our whole family.