Fly Fishin

There have been moments in my life where I have stopped in the middle of what ever it may be and realize that it's a once in a lifetime moment that can never be redone, replaced or topped by any other experience.  It makes me so incredibly happy to have that experience happen this past week.  It may sound like something so normal and maybe doesn't sound special to the average person but as I was watching this interaction between my husband and my son I couldn't stop watching or feeling so happy!

If you don't know Ernie's family you don't know how much fishing has influenced their lives.  It is one of the main activities that unites all of the brothers, and they all have special memories of their Father who is no longer with us.  It has always been so important in Ernie's life and he's found so much peace going fishing.  I have always known what a big deal it was going to be when Ernie could teach his son how to fly fish.  I witnessed it this week and in such a cliche way "it melted my heart"

I looked out my back window and watched the two of them together in the backyard smiling, and loving each moment while Ernie taught Roman how to "flip the tip".  Roman lit up and was so excited about using a real fly rod.  Like I said, it seems like such a simple thing, but I knew how long Ernie has been waiting for this moment.

Things like these moments as small as they seem to be are the moments that make my life complete and completely happy.  I am so blessed!