Long Enough

It's time to update this thing and get it going again.  We are in ALASKA!!!!  Together again as a family and happy as ever.  We've all had a long summer but it's gone better than expected and I couldn't b more grateful for family and friends that have helped us make the transition from DC to AK...and everywhere in between.

I'll get to summer pics later but I thought I'd update you on the two weeks that I've been in our house in Fairbanks.

Things we love so far:
I've got a big yard. It is fabulous and green and so nice to have our own play space.
I've got bedrooms!!!  MULTIPLE Bedrooms!!!  One for each of my kids :))))
There is no traffic, seriously the commute to Ernie's office and back is less time than one way to Dental School in DC x 5.
We've got bike trails, hiking trails, the river, lakes and mountains all within a few minutes from our house.
The park is close, our neighborhood is fabulous.
WE LOVE that our Daddy is done with work at 4:30 and comes home and can hang out
The lightness is great!  It's hard to go to bed, but it's getting more and more normal but we love it, and the kids are sleeping well (thank you black out curtains)!
The air, the views, the outdoors and space are wonderful, and so far we are really liking it.

We'll see how we feel when -40 hits!

The things are are funny about being up here compared to DC
NO SHOPPING OPTIONS ANYWHERE...it's been really difficult to shop for the house.  I've been to every furniture store in the city and the options are about 10-15 years behind but it's more expensive than the lower 48.  

People here are seriously back from the 1990's or even older.  Here are a few different stories that illustrate my point.

Yesterday I saw a 40 year old lady with blue hair in the front.  From behind she looked totally normal and then she turned around and it look like cookie monster got a hold of her.  

We were swimming in the river and all of a sudden a 60 year old man came down with a clown wig on....WHAT THE...??? 
Same day, some people were loading their raft in the water and this guy had a small boom-box wrapped around his neck...my day just kept getting better and better!  It is SOOO fun to people watch up here!

More to come...I promise I'll post more.  Lots of adventure for sure.