Two Months of Cuteness

This little Roccaroon is 2 months.  Time has flown in the midst of our craziness.  I can't believe it has already been 2 months.  I realize that it even goes faster when I have two other children I'm chasing, playing with, and paying attention too.  

The funnest thing about this age is he is starting to coo and giggle and smile at you.  I LOVE it and on days that are rough, I know I can get a smile from him and it melts my little heart!

I took him in for his check up and he's growing like all my others.  I'm sure he'll be 20lbs by 4 months.
He of course has a small head (15.25 in 43%), is pretty long (23.75 in, 86%), and is 13lbs 12oz which is 86% also.

He is a pretty good baby, but LOVES to be held, which is hard because I can't hold him all day and then he cries when I'm not which adds to the noise in our already noisy house.  I think he wants to be held because he's scared Cici will come and get in his face, or put a blanket or toy right up over his head haha.  He's a good sport, being toted around everywhere and I just love him so much.  He's a good sleeper and a good eater which is always nice.  I will say he has his own little look from my other children, and I don't think he looks like them very much, so it will be interesting to see what happens as he grows.