Good Bye DC

It's so hard to say good bye...But today we're doing it!  IT's been a lonnggg, but good 4 years and I can hardly believe it's here.  I have grown to love DC and the people here.  I have realized and learned a few things in my time living here.  

I've learned that when you do not live by family, the people you surround yourself with become your family.  We have had so many great friends out here and have truly felt that they have become our family.  It's so cliche to say "we'll stay in touch" and I'm not one to do so but there are the few friends that I consider life long friends.  I hope to continue our friendship throughout years to come.

I've learned a valuable lesson in giving and taking as well.  Ernie and I were very fortunate before moving out here to give quite a bit, whether time, money, other services and since being in school I feel like I have taken from a lot of people.  I hope this doesn't sound rude but I have appreciated and willingly taken of those around me, and hope and pray that I at least let my friends and family know how much I have appreciated their sacrifices, time, money, love and support.  It has not gone unnoticed the countless prayers, thoughts, dinners, park days, babysitting, shoulders to cry on, hugs, texts, e-mails, playdates, laughs, kind words, dog licking, and many more simples smiles.  I couldn't have made it through dental school without these simple acts of kindness.  

So to those that we are leaving, please know you have and will ALWAYS have a place in our hearts.  Don't be strangers, call, skype, e-mail, text, facebook us and if you are bold enough come and see us in AK.  There will be a warm bed, with a nice cup of cocoa waiting.  

Much love...and hope to see you another day.  Our new motto as a family it "It is what it is" and learned that life just deals you with cards and playing them is all up to you.  I hope I have shared love and friendship with those I leave.  I will truly miss it here.

xoxo...we're outta here