A Garage

After living in DC you might think a person would be super excited about living in a real house, and while I am excited about that, I have to admit I think I might be more excited about having a garage! For all you east coasters you will probably agree :)
Here's our new place!  My husband and cousin found it and we just signed the rental agreement.  I'm nervous I am signing for this house without seeing it, but it's too good to be true. We are so excited for many reasons, here's just a few:
1. My kids won't have to share a bedroom
2. I don't have to walk my groceries down two stairways just to get them inside
3. We actually have a yard
4. We don't have neighbors on both sides or below
5. A real kitchen that's bigger than my wingspan, and actually has drawers
6. More than one bathroom
7. An actual mudroom, so shoes aren't piled up at my front door
8. A real closet...enough said
9. I will have carpet in the appropriate areas
10. I will actually be able to have friends and family visit comfortably!!!!


  1. Omigosh it's BEAUTIFUL!! And I'm so happy for you guys and all that this new adventure will mean!! Cheers to closets, garages and carpet in the appropriate areas (I'm with ya on that one - we keep looking at houses with carpet in the bathrooms and I'm like WHO'S IDEA WAS THIS?!?!?)

  2. so happy for you guys! sounds like the transition is going smoothly....what a blessing!

  3. So happy for you. I've never had a garage and envy you already. A place to put things! You can now buy in bulk without having to evacuate the living room in favor of toilet tissue! Yeah.

    Miss you already. The neighborhood is not the same.


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