Rocco Anders Sorensen

He finally came.  After a loonnnggg couple of weeks Rocco finally made his appearance.  IT was an up and down roller coaster since 38 weeks.  My Doctor said he was going to induce me early because Ernie was taking his board exams and I scheduled my mom to come and stay with us while he was doing that....and then the baby NEVER came and the Dr never delivered.  

It was on his due date that I went into my appointment and he finally admitted me to the hospital.  We got there, got my water broken at 1pm, epidural at 3 and started pushing at 5 and had the little guy at 5:40 pm.  He weighed 8lbs 7 oz and was 21 inches long.  He was a sweet thing coming out which reminded me of Roman.  

He latched on immediately and was an awesome eater, and still is.  It took up until the last minute to decide on a name.  I wanted Anders to be his first name but the flow didn't go well and since I got to name our other children I let Ernie choose his name.  It's not that I don't like it, it just wasn't my top pick, but he has turned into a little Rocco and I am in love with him and his name.  

The kids absoluetely LOVED him when we came home.  Cici called him a little puppy and Roman just wanted to hold him.  It was sweet and they continue to be so sweet.  Cici just can't stand for Rocco to be sitting there by himself and wants to touch his toes, or hug him and nuzzle him.  It's quite endearing but she worries me all the time and I don't trust her being left alone in the same room with him :) 

We are one big happy family, a little tired, and a little more crazy but are so happy we have another little guy to brighten our days.