This was suppose to be posted before our new addition came to the family, but of course I'm slow at things again.  I have been reflecting on the time I've had with my two kids for the last little while.  It is amazing how much I love them.  I remember being pregnant with my second child and thinking how on earth can I love another baby as much as I did my first.  Motherhood is such an amazing thing and how it can exapnd and encompass so much love.  I am constantly surprised at how much I can love these little creatures and how I miss them when I am gone, or how I anticipate seeing them, playing with them, teaching them, learning from them.  I don't think there are words to describe this kind of love.  It's at times of stress and heartache that I find my love growing even more. If I can sit and reflect for a minute I realize that this part of life brings the greatest amount of joy. I can't imagine my life without this chaos.

I know having another child will bring about a whole new set of challenges.  Three kids...1 mom.  The math alone doesn't add up very well.  I know having a little feisty two year old will be a huge battle and just the amount of attention all three kids will need in different ways scares me.  I know the tiredness and exhaustion will be an uphill battle but I am so anxious for it all to begin.

With all that said, I see these two little kids and my heart melts.  They are such wonderful little people and I am so excited to bring another goofball into the mix, but I have to say I am so grateful that I got time with my two sweet peas.  How can you not love them and how can you not want more of them.

Love you Sicily and Roman...let's hope baby brother is as cute as you! 


  1. cute kiddos. i especially love baby rocco in the last photo! cute idea!


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