The Look at Christmas Past

I didn't get around to posting about Christmas.  We had an interesting situation, Ernie left us for 3 weeks and the kids and I were left to fend for ourselves.  We did have our fun and tried to make everyday enjoyable.  Christmas day was great, the kids had so much fun and Ernie got to skype with us.  I usually have a Christmas photo on Christmas day and this year the pic was a little's pretty funny.

Can you see our Daddy in the background?  He's even smiling for the camera!!

Our sad attempt at a family pic but at least we're all way or another, even if one of us is on the computer screen.

In Ernie's family growing up you had to give a hug to the person who gave you a present.  It was probably the only time that any of his family actually showed any affection, even if it was forced.  In our family we show plenty of affection but I do like the idea of incorporating "the Hug".  They really do love each other even though they fight, and tease they are super sweet to each other and take care of each other.

Roman was SO EXCITED to buy the dora backpack for Sicily, he even found it and picked it out and came up with the idea on his own..  We went over to some friends house for Christmas breakfast and she wore her "pack-pack" and of course Roman had to get his on to match her.  He's been keeping this secret for about 2 months now.

Roman's favorite gift was a marshmallow bow and arrow shooter.  It was the hit of Christmas...literally.  It was perfect too, because Roman shot the mallows and CC would eat them and I wouldn't have to clean up any mess!

We have such wonderful family and friends that helped us out this Christmas.  I really can't express my sincerest gratitude for the outpouring of love.  My kids and I survived without our Dad and Ernie survived his lonesome solitude studying for boards.  

Hope the New Year is as good if not better than the last!