Comparing Pics

Baby #3 is quickly approaching, I'm already at 31 weeks.  We are excited and nervous for the third to come.  It's going to be a busy time for us but nonetheless we are anxiously awaiting the new lil guy to arrive.  We haven't even gotten close to coming to an agreement with a name.  It seems that we are at a stand still.  Nothing really jumps out to us so we'll see what ends up happening.  

I am feeling pretty good.  Compared to my other pregnancies it's pretty similar.  I get to this point and just want the baby to come.  I'm tired but as comparing to the's pretty normal. I just have two kids running around in chaos (which I love) just seems like I can't quite keep up!

It seems like I'm on track for another big baby.  Let's just pray that he is not any bigger than Sicily.  I don't know what I would do.  Ernie's boards are right in the middle of when I am due so I'm hoping to get induced before his tests begin...let's pray everything goes according to plan.

Roman 28 1/2 weeks

Sicily 29 weeks

Baby #3 31 weeks